November 2022

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  • Decatur Southeast MC
  • Decatur Southwest MC
  • Youth MC
  • Bonfire Potluck Worship Night at Lambert Farm
  • Worship Gathering
  • Decatur Point Mallard MC
  • Decatur Near Trinity MC
  • Decatur Southwest MC
  • Worship Gathering
  • Baby Shower for Alainnah Cheshier
  • Decatur Southeast MC
  • Decatur Southwest MC
  • Youth MC
  • Worship Gathering
  • GFC Leadership Team Meeting
  • Decatur Point Mallard MC
  • Decatur Near Trinity MC
  • Decatur Southwest MC
  • Worship Gathering
  • Decatur Southeast MC
  • Decatur Southwest MC
  • Youth MC


We are a church of Missional Communities. An MC is a group of people, about the size of an extended family, who are united through Christian community around a common service and witness to a particular neighborhood or network of relationships with other believers. MCs allow you to grow in the Gospel and connect in deep relationships with others near you. We pray for the day when there are missional communities spread throughout all of Morgan County.

Decatur Near Trinity
Contact Kelly Meeks (256) 566-9093

Decatur Southeast
Contact Chase Aldridge (334) 372-7580

Decatur Southwest
Contact BJ Strobel (256) 654-0491

Decatur Point Mallard
Contact Matt Landers (805) 433-5055

Grace Fellowship Ministry Bible Study

Christian Story

This is a monthly bible study that starts in September 2021 which includes a curriculum of reading, scripture/catechism memorization, teaching, and question time. Below you will find documents that outline the lessons for each week as well as the curriculum and dates. For other details, please contact Sarah Wilbourn at

Discover Class

Learn the mission and vision of Grace Fellowship and take the first step to getting connected to a missional community. The Discover Class is a great place to ask questions about the church beliefs and behavior. This class is the first step in becoming a church member, but you do not have to become a member after taking the class.


Discipleship exists to help individuals grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. All of the basics of the faith are taught and discussed in a friendly mentoring environment of a small 2-6 person same gender groups or one-on-one. Discipleship not only teaches the basics but also train the future leaders of missional communities, elders, staff, church planters, and even missionaries of our church.

Men and Women of Grace

These groups often host get-togethers for fellowship and sharing. Each of these events are fun outings or gatherings to meet and get to know each other on a deeper level.

Youth of Grace

The youth of Grace meet in groups that are age appropriate according to their personal development. We are in a period of development of these programs, which we are excited about. As of fall 2020, we have a nursery for 0-3 year olds, and all other kids come to sit with parents during church gathering. We are looking for a new church building space that will accommodate restarting our 4-5 year old class. Going forward, our 6-12 year-olds will be led by an Elementary Ministry leader who is working on shaping that new ministry. We have Youth Ministry Leaders who will be developing the youth ages 13-18. Youth ages 13-18 are also included in the church's missional communities.


Our Gospel Opportunities ministries focus on the outward opportunity we each have to spread the gospel outside of our normal sphere of influence outside our neighborhood missions and even overseas in England and the Dominican Republic.

Gospel Opportunities England (

GOEngland is a partnership of churches in a grassroots effort to see the gospel go forth in their area and beyond! Churches partner together, sharing resources to plant churches. We desire to see the advancement of Reformed churches through church planting movements in areas throughout England and around the world.

Gospel Opportunities Dominican Republic (

Go Dominican Republic is a ministry that first of all comes alongside another ministry (Sociedad Lucas) reaching out to the helpless and hopeless of the Dominican Republic through education, hospital, construction, and church planting. GO Dominican Republic’s focus is to assist Sociedad Lucas and to develop and train nationals for the work of the ministry of discipleship and church planting.

Gospel Opportunities North Alabama (

Gospel Opportunities North Alabama exists to train, develop and send laborers into the field in North Alabama and throughout the world. Go North Alabama is lead by a partnership of Pastors committed to the broader kingdom of God across denominational boundaries for the sake of assisting current works as well as pioneering new works of the Gospel ministry.

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